Here we go again!

In February I started blogging my daily bible readings in a Blog I’ve entitled Word Walk. However, I am finding that even though I intend to continue that blog, it has become more note taking than writing.

I need the discipline of writing in my life  –  the same kind of deadline I had for about three years when I provided a “Moment’s Meditation” column in the small paper entitled “The Delta Point” in Greenville, Mississippi.

So, in an effort to keep my creative writing juices going, not to mention my contemplative and introspective mind, and also to give me some personal experience in blogging using a blog enabler that is at least a step up from blogspot, I determined to incorporate new Moment’s Meditations articles into a new blog.

My intention is to give myself a weekly assignment, publishing a new article each Tuesday. I am excited about the prospect of creating for myself a forum for the notes I’m constantly writing to myself for some “future” purpose. Why not make the future now?


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